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    Since I finally watched the whole series let me tell you how I felt about it... It completely changed my life!
    If you don't know what 13 reasons why is, allow me to explain.
    13 Reasons Why is series based on a novel by Jay Asher. It's about a girl named Hannah Baker who was a high school student. She committed suicide, but before doing so she records 13 audio cassette tapes telling 13 Reasons Why she did it. I would highly recommend you all to watch this series.
    It taught me a lot!... If you are a teenager like me, you are gonna relate to it so much!
    tbh, I did cry when episode 11 and 13 came along and you will get to know why when you are gonna start the series but just take this as a warning... Its gonna be kinda depressing as it takes on some serious issues...
    It really gives a powerful message and believe it or not I usually do not binge-watch any series like that! It's not really my thing. Sometimes I do not even complete the whole season but for this one, I must say had me hooked from start to finish!
    While watching, it was brilliant but sooner as we got closer to the 13th tape things got darker and emotional and it gets quite graphic...
    I really do not want to spoil it for you so... yeah! Just watch it you're gonna like it for sure

    "Hey... its Hannah. Hannah Baker...
    don't adjust your whatever device you're hearing this on
    it's me...
    live and in stereo
    get a snack, settle in
    because I am about to tell you the story of my life
    more specifically why my life ended
    and if you're listening to this tape
    you're one of the reasons why"
    cannot wait for season 2

  • Gamers

    oh that season, i never watched it because i thought it was too girly, some of my friends have recommended me, but i thought it was better not to watch a season on a girl's recommendations :face_with_stuck-out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  • It's definitely the best series I've seen on Netflix, although I had a really bad time in the last episodes. I'm looking forward to the second season.

  • @catwoman I know, I felt the same in the last episodes of the series but its one of the best!

  • Freedom Writers

    @jynextremist It's not girly tbh, a lot of guys also have to face the similar situation as the girl faced in the series. It's not about a girl or a guy´s feelings, it's actually about the stuff we face in everyday lives as a teenager. You are gonna love it! I promise. Just give it a try