• @TalkWithStranger
    It's second time, maybe it will last time.
    I keep getting inbound from all way only because of @Mukesh or @mak1 or @muk or @someoene( i didn't even know this anyone name is registered username or just stanger nicknames as registered one(but who against me with his blue words (alone only) is same one)) have higher BUMB with his fake filthy smile face always to everyone by believe all like i spamming instead of him.
    It's going worse day by day because to show me as evil in front of my friend and make all hate me. He even said this game against me when we alone and convey only in tamil language.
    He keeps turning my friends to his side with some mind games as coward.
    I need suitable remedy for this( THIS GOING HATE THIS SITE AND MAKE ME LEAVE FROM THIS). He is from madurai (Tamil nadu, India) locate or anything. That's your authority.
    i haven't any other social media like fb tweeter ( i deactivated a month ago).

  • Dont cry