• @willoww i hope that's enough. I think you'll like the lo-fi ones the most

  • Watch Anime Eyes

    @willoww i hope you like the relaxing music. I really don't understand what music has to do with meditation but k. If you ever need some hard trap or something you can rock to just tell me

  • Hmm, I guess I can see now why someone would think you might be @Willow, @OliveOlivia. And I get why people say, that TWS was amazing in the old times.

    So to all my fellow TWSians. There were always the horny people around. Heck some of you were the horny people ( ;-) @No_me ). But it's the people who make the difference, not the site. And the old people aren't better than the new. It might be just the case that the new people don't put themselves out there. Exceptions duly noted olive...

    And to the old users who might log in to their account after years just to check... How about you come back and stay?

  • @petrapark3r Maybe I actually am @Willow 👀 you may never know!!

  • @petrapark3r said in Let’s Talk Bout da Hate:

    Heck some of you were the horny people ( ;-) @No_me ).

    OI, what's that supposed to mean :joy: