• Freedom Writers

    I'm your rock of stability,
    forever vigilant,
    forever here,
    I can weather the worst storms,
    and I won't budge during the harshest winds.
    I've taken mud slides,
    and tidal waves,
    but I stay strong for you.
    My will is the sturdiness of iron for you,
    as I am ever persistent,
    and ever looking,
    for any cracks that form over time,
    but I will chisel away at myself,
    and make a fine sand,
    that I can use to pour into you,
    to fill those cracks.
    I'm always firm and your solid ground to step on,
    and I've even opened a cave for you just to hide in.
    That's not something I do for anyone,
    but I'm so glad I've been able to let you in.
    As the oceans rise,
    and the land changes,
    one thing will always be waiting for you,
    and that is that I'm your rock,
    and you've carved your name inside that will last with me,
    till the end of time.

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