Change something about you or make someone think differently about something.

  • @ice-king what are you doing here man? You're saying your problems but you don't want anyone to have to deal with them. If you were talking to someone who cared I'd be hurt, but instead I'm just disgusted at your off beat sense of humor

  • I did not view my first statement as me stating my problems, it was me stating justification. At what point in that was it saying I was asking for help? Also humor is subjective so I could give a toss on your opinion on that. I say sorry for you misunderstanding what my previous stamens had meant of which caused this downwards I had not intended to fuel.

  • @ice-king there is no audience that would enjoy the "joke" that you were making earlier. I'm done talking to you man. If I were you, I'd stop trying to make people feel miserable

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