• Has a teacher ever changed your life? How so?

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    i was once scolded by my maths teacher for flunking a test of mine, it wasn't such a big deal but i was young then, such scoldings from my parents and my teachers led me to the path where i was successfully able to get admission in a good university. My life would have been very different other wise, so yeah i believe my maths teacher then changed my life. I still visit him sometimes. He is a nice person too.

  • Not "changed life" persay but definitely made things easier. My chemistry teacher in highschool was so good. He was genuinely a great person, and his teaching was bomb. Not being scared of a difficult subject made a huge difference for me and led me to choose a program in university that I never would have chosen otherwise. Speaking to other friends who had different teachers, I realised how amazing mine was and that made the class a little easier, and consequently helped to make my life just a little easier. Has a teacher changed your life??

  • @sarah Yes. It took him about 2 years, but then, all of sudden, realized I actually like the subject he was teaching, he opened (blew) my mind and showed me how that subject is actually everywhere in out everyday life, how useful it is, and most important, how beautiful such thing can be.

    The subject is mathematics.

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    Yes ! I used to be an as whole in the class...but my 1 mistake and the reaction to that mistake by that teacher changed my view to education. Beauty was she never punished nor she gave a lecture but she changed my perspective about education.

  • The teacher is like a spiritual father

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    Well, while I hated most of them and they made me hate anyone with said profession and school in general, there was one that was great; God bless her. My French teacher was amazing; she not only did a great job but she was actually nice.