What LGBT is the way of God to reduce the human population in the world?

  • Previously I learned that one of the causes of environmental damage is with the increase of human population. As we know that LGBT has started to be found. Many say that this LGBT is a community disease so I was wondering whether this condition is one of the God's plans to reduce human population

  • In addition we know that they may not get offspring (children), unless they adopt

  • Gamers

    i never thought of it that way, i mean not up until now

  • a typhoon would have been more efficient :)

  • God doesn't exist but cute idea

  • @gayness Maybe that's right, it's a way for the earth to reduce the human population. But it also causes damage to nature. God has many ways....

  • @ifa No, actually the number of people killed as a result of religious acts of terror/religiously motivated wars far exceeds the number of children that would've been born had LGBT couples been heterosexual and able/willing to have children. So technically "God" is a bigger murderer.

  • @i-am-male true dat