• Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you?

  • this is quite offensive to some of us, y'know.

  • @Alte sometimes I'd rather be a cat lady's cat because being human involves a lot of bull shark and responsibilities, but at the end of the day we are at the top of the food chain, no predators, only prey. Sometimes being human sucks, but we also have the power to make it not suck. We have free will and intelligent thoughts, we can do whatever we want! The only thing in our way is ourself!

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    Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you?

    No not really .... I mean it used to be great , but now .... now its not so.... this is life, this is how it goes, this is what happens unless you are very lucky lol
    But, in the English fashion, I keep my head up, look straight forward and march on ....
    What else is there to do?

  • haha nope. I actually want to be an ATOM. hahha

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    @Alte I enjoy it for the most part but some days I get jealous of how easy my dog's life is

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    @SoFa_king_Cody speaking of your dog, its lucky af dude, think of all the dogs on this planet, this one has sheer dumb luck to have an awesome owner that takes good care of it :))

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    @Kana I kind of agree with the slave idea, because, they dont have the intelligence to understand that their brain is made to work that way. If it feels hor*y it wont think twice, if it feels scared it'll run (or attack), like a robot, gets an input and acts accordingly.

    Some animals are quite intelligent too actually. I'm not sure if robotic would be a good adjective. Animals are believed to have a conscience too. And we don't even know what animals think like. It's just that the basic desires are (very much) stronger and they're more in nature's control.

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    Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you?

    Do you? 😢

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    As a dead person i can't answer that

  • @Mr-Ghost You had to be alive to die, didnt ya?

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    @Kana they're not slaves to nature... they are a part of nature, just like we are.... and we're no far from the so-called "beasts" as a species.... its best if our species hang on to the natural flow... coz nature knows best in every aspect of reality, invluding the way we ought to live and all other things..... stick close to your roots people!

    Hang on to the natural flow as in? Give up to lust and be a slave of emotions? Because that's what those were hardwired in our heads for.
    Imo, we don't need nature to guide us. Nature isn't a guide. Nature doesn't care about us going to Mars or any other scientific research.
    We are working against nature when we find ways to better our lives. More people live today than would have been allowed if we sticked to what nature wanted. Survival of the fittest isn't working anymore. People with money survive. Nature wants us to fight tooth and nail to survive and not care about the weak because they aren't supposed to exist.
    We actually have come a far way from being a slave to nature.
    It's true that our most basic desires are still those that nature instilled in us. But we get to choose.
    Nature will have it's way tho. As much as we like to think we're winning, it's nature's pattern. But it's safe to say for now we're having a good time defying nature.

  • @Kakashi

    I was talking about something called "intuition", and our consciousness, that always reminds us of what is good and bad....

    Intuition and conscience are part of our being as an animal, like our anatomy is. But since we can manipulate and choose (i am sure, more than other animals), we have an upper hand. I don't think choosing between right and wrong (in a moral sense) is in nature's propaganda. It's sole duty is making us survive and propagate genes.

    It is nature herself, that guides us to Mars. We are nature.

    Look at what the humanls are doing; they destroy their environment that sustains them. They're like cancer to the world, although not the entirety of them.

    So you choose to accept only our accomplishments as the "path shown by nature"?

    But I feel that since we're capable of independent thought, there's a possibility that we may stray from the path showed to us by nature.

    why do the so-called "weak" exist now? Because nature herself allows it.

    It's more like nature lets us do what is in our power.
    Like there's infinite paths between the start and end, no fixed "shown" path. Whatever happens the destination is fixed. Like a free run game maybe?

    Nature gave us intelligence to use it in a sensible way,or at least that should be used that way.

    Nature doesn't give a damn. We just happened to evolve to become this intelligent.

    Plus, since we're a part of nature as well, we have a right to sustain and expand our species.

    Not right, it's our predetermined duty, which we can choose to accept or not..(being smart beings and all)

    but we must also consider the needs of the other species.

    See? That's what i mean, we can choose.
    People can decide between being vegan or not being. If we let nature guide us, we would all be omnivores without giving a thought about it.

    Girl, ever since we were born into this planet, its been all about survival of the clever in this epoch....

    As harsh as it may sound, this world is filled with useless people. Only the clever were meant to survive.

  • @Kakashi

    Then why do we have it?? (Sense of right and wrong)

    Maybe our complex surroundings and our intellect developed it. Not very sure about this one...

    It's sole duty is making us survive and propagate genes.

    Its only optional duh.....

    Nope it's optional for us who think. Animals don't decide for themselves. It's a compulsion for them. And they're made to like it.

    I detect a contradiction in that statement, you're saying its a duty at first (which means it has to be done), and you're saying that we're free to "choose" to accept it or not..... I believe the latter is right.

    Predetermined duty as in assigned task. Nature didn't ask us to choose! But guess what we can xP

    Everything that transpires around us, the things we percieve, is all about and a part of nature....

    Not just that, every decision we make is one of the paths nature shows us

    So you're ruling this off as coincidence? I believe everything happens for a reason, and that happens to be a work of nature.....

    I don't see us reaching an agreement here 😁
    Yes, for now i believe we're a coincidence.
    There's a recent post about if things happen for a reason. If you want you can see my views about that there o.o

    And i maintain that nature doesn't give an f word.

    Being vegan or not is subjective, I never talked about that. We are omnivores and its an individual's choice.

    being vegan or not is all about one's preference.

    If we went according to nature as you say, it wouldn't have been subjective. No bear would give up fish because it thinks it's hurting them or even because it doesn't like their taste.

    you can't deny anyone of their right to life. And being "useless" is subjective. No one's here to fulfill anyone else's purpose. If someone's "useless" to you or someone else, it doesn't mean that they shouldn't live. This is called genocide.

    I am not denying anyone. And we're not the ones who decide here. It sure is rude to say, but most of us wouldn't qualify as fit to survive according to nature's criteria without the aid of all this modern technology.

  • @Kakashi

    @Kana We're not bears lol, there's a difference mehh...

    Exactly. We're not bears (or any other animals)
    We're humans hence we can deviate from nature's guidelines.

    Explain this :joy:

    Simply put, animals don't (aren't evolved enough to) (aren't allowed by nature to) think about whether they want to have kids or not.

    She gave us the ability to choose, so yeah

    We evolved to be able to choose. Animals (other) don't choose. They're closer to the "roots" than we are xD

  • @Alte said in Do you enjoy being a human?:

    @Kana Now tell me, how is animal intelligence measured?

    Through the ability to think and act outside the set (instinctive) behaviours?

  • @Alte

    I hate how much our actions are based on emotions, you never really know if what you said or did was not affected by how you feel at that moment.

    We can train our brains to be better.

    I hate that our brain can only use what we know and not invent something new.

    Creativity exists.

    I hate being in this universe, well more like knowing that i am, and this thing might as well collapse and we never existed.

    We want to last. But that's against nature's rules.

    I hate our flawed cells that are programmed to die. I hate how intelligent we are(compared to animals :P), yet someone can be ruined by greed, power.

    Perfection is against the rules too.

    I hate how people describe human flaws as "That's just being a human", human my a*s, pathetic excuse. I hate how much control such thing as lust has over me, and seeing other men losing even self respect over that hole.

    We can modify our desires by exercising control. But it's difficult ofc. We're humans (flawed creatures) after all :p

    I hate that we have to sleep.

    Me i hate that we have to poop 😩

    I hate i cant control my thoughts more or access memory stored deeper in my brain. I hate that i can be hurt by words. Something like that, ya know.

    Nature is all about change. We are working (evolving) to reach that super being state you talk of. But we have already come a long way. Have to be glad we're not cavemen.

  • @Alte

    Yes, but the time is so limited.

    Yea but if we really want it we'll get it.

    Like we can put together things that already exist, and that only makes me wonder how much theres is we cant even think of.

    It's still creativity that makes some think what others never would. Eg. Einstein and Hawking...
    But agreed we have our limits.

    Yea, i guess shes like a mother, and we are the teenagers.

    If we are to personify, I think of nature more like an emotionless experimenter.

    I wonder what happens when we grow up (advance far enough).

    Our time will be over soon. Whatever stage of development we are at.

    I don't think it is, the only thing that is not perfect is nature. Kind of like.. not perfect in a perfect way. And in a perfect way for the universe, not us.

    I maintain perfection is against the law. If things were perfect there won't be room for change and it would all come to a standstill maybe.

    And i've been doing that for a long time, but there is no way of getting it out of your system, and it drives me nuts. Also drives my nuts.. No nvm.

    Monks and so many people have done it!πŸ˜‚

    Wait what?.. i thought girls don't poop haha.

    Girls are more human than you may think πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Doesn't matter if we were, it sounds terrible only because we have experienced better times.


  • @Rendezvous Chill af :p

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    @AlexTheAlien What is an alien doing on here?? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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