• Is it fine to be yourself?... I mean i just move to russia(i use to live in thailand) a year ago and my fashion style it kindda weird... i like cosplay too so i wear anime style clothes colorful and cute But people here were only black gray brown shades and i don't like it its just sad when i wear some anime t-shirt i get bully ._. people would stare and point some of then walk up to me and ask what the fuck are u wearing is the pikachu?? that just feel embarrassing its not even look like pikachu it a yellow freaking bear .__. #sorry for my english it not my 1st language :3

  • @peachiisama Don't worry, just a soviet russia thing

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    @peachiisama to be honest. And I don’t wanna come across as strange or rude, but everyone is going to tell you to be yourself. However, people are still gonna shit on your parade. The same people that tell you that you are unique and wonderous and beautiful may be the same people that look at you funny. It sucks, it really does. But that’s because the world is fucked.
    Keep wearing your Pikachu shit, and keep your head held high. Because the world is going to find someway to make you feel shitty, so why bother caring?

  • @peachiisama Just start giving a 0 fuck about other people, its your choice to wear those types of clothes. Just be yourself ^^

  • @PeachiiSama I'm not gonna give you the it's okay to be you package, it's about what do you want more, being yourself, or to not be judged and bullied, there is a third option that's not quite popular, but that's what I have going for me now, toughen your mentality to be able to roast bullies with your pikachu shirt on ...

  • @peachiisama my friend was once being himself in clothes, and we all got beaten up. Because democracy.

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    Be your self ^^ no matter what you shouldn't change your self

  • I think it makes things easier when we wear clothes that doesn't make us stand out. Especially at work. I have found that in office environments I get more respect and get noticed when I dress up and wear makeup. I don't think it's right but I don't want to be a martyr. If you have a creative job, you can wear anything and it doesn't matter.

  • Also your clothes doesn't define you.

  • @exilesshadow @PeachiiSama I gree with this guy kkkkk
    Your style is YOUR style and anywone can change this, only you.

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    @peachiisama Always be unapologetically you. Keep in mind that most people wish they could wear their true colours but are to afraid to. Props to you for being yourself😎

  • @peachiisama It is absolutely fine to be yourself! Everyone should be content with who they are, don't listen to the downers. Be yourself, it's the best thing you can do!

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