please check out my music on youtube!

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    @alex-moody you kinda sound like BONE$. It sounds pretty good but
    1st your voice is too soft, lower your pitch
    2nd your lyrics are stale but it's 2018, who the fuck cares about good lyrics am i right? Jk. Work on your lyricism and self-expression skills.
    3rd You need to invest in a better mic or something because there doesn't seem to be an air shield on the mic you're using
    But otherwise keep up the good work man. Not bad. The beat is pretty good but don't let it sound too repetitive, the only time your beat can be mildly repetitive is when you're trying to be a hard-core lyricist.

  • Watch Anime Eyes

    @alex-moody By the way, the cover for the song sucks. Did you draw that on paint. Lol

  • But anyways dude. I am not experienced in music production but i hope my examination helped

  • @thestrangest thanks for the feedback!
    I literally just started writing music 3 months ago haha I don't even have a mic I'm just using my computer haha
    anyway, thanks!

  • @alex-moody you're welcome

  • @alex-moody you learned to make beats like that in 3 months? Thats impressive.
    However i can tell that you know how to make music but that is just boring, you should show us something we haven’t heard before.
    You also have a mic and you are blessed with fluent english so you should fuck with those vocals digitally to make it more intresting. I can’t tell anything about the quality of the mix since i don’t have headphones with me right Now.

  • @aakkap Thanks for the feedback! what I meant was that I don't have a professional mic just my computer. My close friend makes the beats for me and also this guy I met online who goes by the name of AFFY.