Has anything from Personal Development or the self-help industry helped you as a person?

  • What im asking is,have you ever went to a seminar from a person who specializes in motivating people such as Les Brown,Anthony Robbins or Brian Tracy to achieve their aspirations whether it is career/business,family or higher education? What books/media have you enjoyed that have made you more effective?

  • Sorry Brother no seminars no time.
    I do have some books, I would like to recommend that helped me develop as a person.

    Total Money Make Over by Dave Ramsey

    • Helped me get completely out of debt
    • Established 6 month Emergency Fund if I lose my job/source of income
    • Stay away from credit cards. Nothing, but trouble for me.

    The One Minute Manager By Ken Blanchard

    • Learned to establish 1 minute goals
    • One minute reprimand
    • One minute praises

    48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

    • This book will teach how to gain control or defend against it. I would mainly use the book to defend against it. Information discussed in the book is pretty cut-throat in my opinion.You be the judge.

    Leadership books by John C. Maxwell

    • All his books are great sources for leadership

    Freedom from the known by Jiddu Krishnamurti

    • This book goes into deep thought about who we are as people, God, overcoming obstacles, etc. - I'm still reading this book over and over and over again. But if you want to know why people's minds are so distorted due to media, religion, experience, and by people read this book and free your mind.

    As for seminars. I would recommend Toast Masters. It's to help those improve their public speaking skills. I highly recommend this if you lack the confidence to speak to a large audience. To find Toast Master's meetings just google it and you should find a meeting in your area.

    I do have more books, but they are boxed up in my closet. Sorry.

    • Ali Talib

  • Yes all the money that I earn the most in my life is from all self learning self initiative stuff

  • @ali-talib Nice. That's a good reading list. I know or am familiar with at least 3 of em. Yes I am keen on Public Speaking and would like to improve on that. I believe it is a valuable skill to have

  • @tina Oh wow. Congrats.

  • lmao!!!the oldes usr!