• Genuine question: Why does height matter before you go on a date with someone? #dating #height #love #couples #marriage #relationship

  • Tbf it's never mattered to me, just the fairer sex always seem to want check it off the list as the 1st thing, like a dealbreaker, height isnt the only thing that makes a man, a man

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  • personally, I don't mind the height of the person I date, however, I am a tall f (1.83m) almost 6 ft I think to 6 ft. so telling them my height is a way for me to get an indication of how men would deal with me being tall or even taller than them. Some men feel emasculated by my height and start talking down to me or they'll become insecure and try to make me feel weird for being tall. so they can feel better about themselves. Hopefully, it does not bother them and they deal with it in a healthy way where they don't feel the need to compensate for my height by bringing me down. If they do not deal with it well I simply stop dating them. quick assessments like these prevent me from getting unnecessarily hurt and wasting time. in general, I think a lot of women like the idea of a ''strong'' traditionally masculine man who has muscles and can make the woman feel safe. height is a good indicator of strength and safety in that sense. For a lot of people, height doesn't matter. It only matters to the people who desire or feel insecure about their height.

  • Height is just a parameter for attraction other than body,smile,eyes,clothing sense etc.Different people can get attracted to different features,and there's nothing really wrong or toxic about that.We all are allowed to have our preferences.But i do get your point,me as a 6'3 person get asked out often and height does have a decent role in that,but i also know people who don't really care about height,including me.I love both short and tall women,and it is never the choosing factor for me.Women who are self reliant,mature,open minded,understanding with a nice sense of humour attract me.Hence it varies from person to person in my opinion about what they like in the other person,can't really generalize it or call it common these days

  • @shespeaks mostly girls like tall guys imo

  • Well tbh, height doesn't matter but definitely size does ;)

  • As a woman, I think that some of us feel atracted to taller guys because of some neurobiological reason. Personally, I feel like a taller guy would be more capable of protecting me. Don´t know, but there is something about feeling protected, like it makes you perceive your partner as a stronger man, wich is attractive (my personal opinion, maybe it´s because I´m kinda short hahah). However, it is not like height is the ultimate parameter, having a nice personality and being gentle and kind count a thousand times more (at least, for me).

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  • It's really just personal preference. Personally if I like someone I won't change my mind just because of their height. I do tend to prefer people taller than me because I was always the tallest kid growing up so I just like to feel small. I have known quite a few people who like to date people shorter than them.

  • Honestly I do like tall guys but is it the end of a possible relationship with a nice sweet short guy... not at all

  • @shespeaks said in Genuine Question: Why does height matter?:

    Genuine question: Why does height matter before you go on a date with someone?

    Easy answer, it doesn't matter.

  • If I may answer your question with a question, why do you feel it does?

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  • @devilmoon See the answer to it is really subjective but i liked the way u answered it

  • @devilmoon nicely framed answer. Btw, what kind of a girl am I ? xD

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