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  • @adyyan said in what's more real Angel's or Mermaid's ?:

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    Well, dolphins are real XD

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    Because mermaids are awesome, I've got no further reason.
    According to the legend they were beautiful creatures that retained their human appearance only when they were on the surface, they attracted the sailors with their song, taking them to the depths of the sea and after mating, they ate them. :smile:

    mermaid harry potter

    While angels are only winged benevolent humanoids without greater interest.


  • Angels 😇😇

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    Mermaid I am next Ariel in the Making.. 😂

  • Depends on what you mean by real. And by more. From a purely boolean perspective both are either real or not, here is no more or less.

    If we look at it however from the story viewpoint then for example the story where the angels visit abraham can tell us a lot about hospitality and have a definite relevance for our lives. The fact in itself that those stories have meaning and relevance for generations and generations of people shows that they are somewhat more real than they would be if they were historically accurate. Mermaid stories on the other hand – at least those I know of – have little or no relevance for our lives and in this sense it can be said that angels are more real than mermaids.

    An other interesting perspective: As you might know every "scientific fact" is but a scientific consensus, since science cannot establish facts (as in mathematical proofs). It is considered a scientific fact (there is not a single scientist believing that there are mermaids) that mermaids (as in half human creatures) don't exist. It is however not a scientific fact that angels don't exist, because since angels are – if they exist – no physical creatures and thus science cannot actually say anything about it. So what is more real, that which science can find to be real and has found to be not or that which science cannot find to be real or not real?

  • @ODIN Dolphins ? :joy:

  • @LilMsSnowflake Elaborate why you're picking angels over Mermaids :thinking_face:

  • @Adyyan Angels. Coz to see mermaids you need to go to the sea. Angels are everywhere.

  • @Adyyan said in what's more real Angel's or Mermaid's ?:

    share your opinion !

    Fish people .. Pffft..... That's a no from me

    On the other hand, Angels .... yes , :thinking_face: um ... yes defiantly not a myth.
    What?, You for real?? How tf yo know that? Why you say that? I hear you ask ......

    Well well well, this is how I know!

    I've had the privilege of meeting two of them .....
    The first I came to know arrived in this world in the Summer of 1999 and the other..... well, this angel likes to remain in the background.... helping where required at the times of need, bringing light and grace.

    I'm going to leave it there because I have already giving an in depth account of the first mentioned in a topic some time ago.....

  • @Durwin I came. I saw the picture. And I upvoted.

  • @Adyyan maybe your grandparents are sailors, because then stories about the songs of mermaids that lure ships to their doom, become very relevant?

    Yeah I wonder why angels – if they do – would appear only to individuals. Obviously lots of stories are false (in the historic and the story sense) and false stories just don't work too well because multiple people would have to adjust their own personal stories to others. Then again the best known stories about angels that I know of actually don't just involve a single individual. Abraham was with his wife and since he was a rich man – if he existed which certainly is not impossible and after all someone has to be the father of all israelites – his servants weren't far either. After the resurrection of jesus there was always more than one disciple present when an angel appeared, etc.

    For me personally all of faith stands and falls with the question of god. If god is and acts, then why wouldn't there be angels? If he is not, then who cares.

    I mean most people (I believe the statistic says 70% in the west) believe in something supernatural (this obviously includes all of esoterics and new age). Most of them believe that with death things don't end somehow. So if we continue living when our body dies why wouldn't there be others who don't have a body in the first place. Anybody who believes in anything supernatural but laughs when someone says something about angels is a hypocrite in my eyes.

    For those who don't believe in anything supernatural I'd say that is a valid logical standpoint. As long as they don't say they know that there is nothing supernatural that is. Because how can you know about something that you cannot prove or disprove with the tools by which you claim that you know. Atheism is nonsense, it's just illogical. Agnosticism on the other hand is logical and valid.

    Because in the end reason tells us that there are only two alternatives. Either the world – meaning everything that is material and non material (if any) – is eternal or there is a creator. There is no third option. And both options show us the limits of our reason because neither can our mind grasp the creator nor can it grasp a world without beginning or end (that kind of makes the world godly). It just does not make sense to our mind and yet it is as it is.

    I guess this is the biggest mystery ever: why is there anything? Shouldn't there be nothing? Certainly from nothing does not just pop out something. And yet none of us can deny that there is something because we are in fact experiencing it this very moment. Actually thinking about it I'd have to call it a miracle. Existance itself is a miracle, something which is by all means impossible. People don't believe in miracles yet we are in the presence of an unimaginable miracle any moment of our lives.

  • Scientifically, Mermaids.

  • Angels, we got plenty of them here on tws. #BeingCocky

  • @Adyyan both don't exist

  • @Catwoman after mating they ate them ? what kind of love is that :open_mouth: :pensive:

  • @Jeff9998 both exist, stories just don't happen on their own :blush: :joy:

  • @Bela-Hella where is your tail ? :joy:

  • @pe7erpark3r that's so tricky and gloomy i almost lost myself in there lol, and real or not real i don't know it's so intriguing the topic itself, but talk about mermaids our Greatest grandparents telling tales about mermaids more then angels. might ba a hint at their existence XD but at the moment it's more plastic in the ocean don't you agree ? if only human race could discover more of the ocean then 5% ? and regarding angels, there are tons of stories coming out of different parts of the world, but why is it that angels seem to appear to a single personality not making a appearance in crowded place ?

  • @pe7erpark3r Woah MAN oh MAN BRAVO what a marvelous way to Quote history and the way you detailed the actuality, what most people deny, and about my ancestors being sailors, they actually were, they would illegally sail to different countries :joy: hey follow back so we could continue this in dm you're Awesome !

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