Drawing pottery painting digital art too duh✨

  • What is your favourite thing to do in arts mine is drawing really ever since i was a kid i loved arts but i have a weakness too i can't paint draw or do pottery neither digital art i have been practicing but i always give up it was so hard
    For me to look at my friends paintings drawings and etc
    While my painting looked like a mess
    Everytime i try it ends up looking like trash so i tried one more time
    When i tried pottery it ended up good but it really wasn't my thing then i tried digital art
    It was hard for me since i dont have any kind of
    Experience so then i tried traditional art
    I watched tutorials i did my best and finally i found my passion in arts just know everyone if you dont give up you will find what your looking for...

  • Hey I can help you for your digital art. And I want to talk with you.