• my hamster (lodu) died.
    cause of the death is just that my mom bang the door
    he got scared and died xs.png

  • death is not funny you lame ass bitch, he probably was more scared for his life than than you'd be for the slipper, they are only small, get a life you sadistic fuck!

  • @di-va size of my penis dosn't have shit to do with this post & also your mom wasn't complaining last night...

  • @di-va said in HILARIOUS DEATH:


    I think most sane people will agree that it is evil to have small dicks(I certainly do)
    However you have to be careful to not lose your ability to differentiate. The ideology who's mantras you recite here is a very dangerous one.

    Not so long ago Heterosexuality fought for real values: Freedom of Orientation, Equality of penis size, big dick energy, big dick energy for a world where people will be liberated from homophobia and they will have the right to have bigger dicks, they fought for a world where one would be "judged by the contents of their gayness not by the size of their dicks" (Lord Homo). But it has given up on those values. Today's values are called dick-enlargement, small dick energy and homophobia. And they directly contradict the old values.

  • @di-va It is funny to know that a heterosexual hamster died 😆
    Don't pay attention to the oversensitive straight snowflakes telling you that "death is not funny" or other politically correct non-sense like this. You should make more gay topics and memes about its death and suffering and thus exercise your freedom of humour. Or you can also write an erotica regarding this event.

    As a homosexual, I dont get offended when people make fun of homocides because this is how humour works. Online jokes can't get through the screen.

  • @Peek_A_Boom your mom stuff so old ...almost as old as your mom

  • @Peek_A_Boom look who is being more upset for the hamster

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