• Everyone is miserable. Being on this site is itself is one of the signs that we're lonely and sad. So what do you think went wrong?

  • Women expect too much from men yet don't take the time to get to know them then wonder why theyre their single when their lower bits are more passed around than the salsa at your mexican aunts gatherings

  • Being on this site can't reflect anything a person is feeling cz it's just another platform to communicate with people from all around the world . This generation and the past generation share the same human code but the media played a very big role on changing the young peopl's view of how they are and how they should be in the future plus the corrupted system of education and the general theme of this life chapter is leaning towards Secularism, materialism, empiricism, atheism, abandoning the essence, focusing on satisfying desires, responding to calls for popular content, and trying to imitate them. A person who does not find value in himself tries to collect as much money, friends, emotional partners, fans and followers as possible. This is to compensate for a deficiency he finds in himself, or his dissatisfaction with his external image, or his blind belief that everything that is common and available and has a large public turnout deserves attention.

  • @Peek_A_Boom I mean you are right about that. Most or perhaps all women mistreat men, but when it's the other way around then they call it toxic or manipulative. In this generation, women want to dominate men for no reason at all. They call themselves feminists and wish all men should die. They always Gaslight their boyfriends in their relationships and its really hard to just cope with such a type of woman. It's straight up discrimination. This is why most of our generations women are lonely and sad. They will never find a man who would want to be in a relationship where they get no respect and are mistreated. It's hard or impossible to find a girl or a female partner that will respect your wishes and treat you as an equal.

  • @Momoko said in Why is our generation sad?:

    's hard

    its a sad reality a sad sad reality which makes you feel like you want to leave this world