• Gamers

    Mine would be an old house on a snowy mountain where every door has a secret release mechanism to confound would-be burglars.

  • @Bushmurry anywhere, as long as her and the kids were there it would be home

  • I imagine a small house with glass walls. It is located somewhere in the forest. I would make the style modern and unique. I would choose white color for the walls and ceiling. The floor would be wooden. And the furniture is simple. But I would add some colorful accessories. For example, I'd put the yellow or green sofa. Colorful posters of my favorite band would look nice on the white walls. It reminds me of Portuguese houses. I guess my contemporary rugs from the DorisLeslieBlau will suit perfectly.

  • This House in the picture Is my style So maybe a look alike one would be my Ideal house 🙂

  • The house of my dreams is a huge two-story house with huge windows. Inside, everything is white, and I dream of white furniture. I definitely want to have a game room with a large TV and a game console in my dream home. My house would have guest rooms because I really like to receive guests. And also I would not forget about the kitchen where there would be a lot of equipment because I like to cook. And I definitely want smart technology so that I have a smart home. And of course, for such a chic mansion, I should put a security system, some Ajax or something like that.