• The Light

    At the darkest hour, the new day began.
    When all seemed lost, a new hope was born.
    A flicker of light at first,
    Barely seen by the weary eye.

    Ever brighter it begins to shine.
    Like scales it fell from our eyes,
    and our gaze is drawn to the Truth,
    the bright morning Star.

    Ringing in the dawn, the Light, the joy.
    Of a new beginning, a wholly new birth.
    From the lifting mist,
    our Way begins to emerge.

    And bright shines the Star,
    as the Sun shatters the black of night.
    And the new Life that runs through our veins,
    the given one,
    holds us close.

  • Wow, what a beautiful poem. Was it you that came up with that?

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