Post some of your favorite youtube channel's cause I have too much free time

  • Guy makes random things in his workshop and such :

    I did a thing
    3.12M subscribers

    SCP animations :

    Dr Bob
    997K subscribers

    SCP Explained - Story & Animation
    1.77M subscribers]

    Professor Lucius
    89.4K subscribers

    1.83M subscribers

    Paranormal crap :

    169K subscribers

    You like sausages ? :

    Ordinary Sausage
    683K subscribers

    Daddy Issues:

    4.44M subscribers

    Papa Meat
    1.07M subscribers

    Keep your enemies close, but keep your tools on your person :

    Active Self Protection
    2.62M subscribers

    Active Self Protection Extra
    205K subscribers

    Favorite Indian guys :

    3.25M subscribers

    Downfall of society and other topics :

    684K subscribers

    762K subscribers

    1.22M subscribers

    Zeducation (I dont like this dude's tone of voice ,but hey, it is what it is)
    936K subscribers

    Overall internet stuff:

    10.7M subscribers

    1.24M subscribers

  • I'm sorry it won't entertain you as it is with only arabic language except for Mtached A US youtuber who covers genshin impact content...

  • @tm , thank you , never played it my self or watched any of its game play videos...
    Might never check it out :P but I appreciate that you took time and posted something :)

  • @mylifebelongs I am only mentioning the ones that use English language and not mentioning the ones that use other languages.

    1. Andrew Huberman: Applied neuroscience and health
    2. The Bioneer: fitness
    3. Vincent Chan: economy & finance
    4. Jenny's lectures CS/IT NET&JRF: Computer Science & programming

  • @mylifebelongs I don't really watch much YouTube but here's some I have enjoyed.

    331Erock - 1.47 million subs

    KitbogaShow 2.46 - million subs

    BadLipReading - 8.03 million subs