• Hi
    ...I've just finished my drawing
    And I want to tell you one little story that inspired me to draw this picture.
    Well Before I start, I've questions for you: do you believe in dreams? Or have you ever tried to draw a dream?
    I see dreams often, but I don't pay attention at all, but this dream left an incredible impression on me: It was as if I was in a place where I could go back in time and determine the future, where it was possible to fulfill all dreams, of any kind. So i decided to drew it and make it a "non-existent reality", because places like this can only be seen in dreams.
    Hmm what can you see in the picture?
    A bit weird, right?!
    Yep, cause this picture is a dream I saw in a dream...
    Named: The place where dreams come true :))

  • Utopia !! Yeah bean there before .. Thanks for sharing this amazing drawing of urs 😇

  • This post is deleted!

  • @the-mods Glad if you liked it :))

  • hi
    im new