• I've been asking myself this same question , and still does , I've dated not too little numbers of guys in the past , at first my heart really did move , get excited either by just talking to them or seeing them , but as days past by , I would feel all the excitement and longing fading away , I'm really worried ,that I will never be stable , I'm starting to get to get worried that maybe there's something wrong with me.

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  • @The-Mods thank you for sharing this

  • We must first distinguish the feeling that we feel from other feelings so that we do not miscalculate, so we reach a stage where we misunderstand ourselves and its needs and requirements and what is going on in it. Losing its meaning or misunderstanding it is worse than anything else

  • LurkersForLife

    Go in front of mirror. Look at ur pupil and think about that person. If pupil expands then u r in love with that person.
    *ps. There might be possibility pupil will not expand but u may feel u r in love. In that case follow ur instinct

  • For me I guess it when u don't get the ick from them. And you just no u can trust them. There's no doubt in u thinking like "does he really love me" and u should'nt be scared to open up to them

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