• Is anyone really into reading and literature, and maybe even writing too?

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    Yes, I personally am very into reading and literature. You know, it's just that people have various "trendy" tastes or personal interests into what genre they're into. For example, someone may look into Romeo & Juliet, simply to reflect their own dreams about love with the medium as a book, while I may read Hamlet in order to understand the aristocratic culture and inspect on how the society perceived emotions to be and how do they respond to it.🙂

    Now this may come controversial, but I personally believe that comics can also be a form of satiric literature. I define it as a satirical form of literature that's more imagery than vocabulary. So, technically, everyone's into literature. It's just a matter of personal interest.😇

    As for writing...... I'm such an avid fan. Been ghost-writing blogs about LGBTQ+ here & there, engaging into my personal project on writing a A-2-Z guide to Age Regression. (Taking my time to give a condensed yet detailed response to you :P )

    So yeah, everyone, at some amount of degree is into writing/literature.😊

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