Why I'm like this 😫😫😫😫😫😭😭

  • So I recently found a series based on real story. I have seen news of it too. It's related to witchcraft. So if u r scared of horror stories then pls don't read further.
    So I haven't seen the series yet. But I know few things about it from the news I watched on TV few years ago. A family in Delhi, India commit suicide. (Idk these types of topics r entertained on this platform or not. If it doesn't then please mods purge it)
    So they did this in the name of witchcraft. There were a news I saw about it. So I can assure u that is 100% real story. And by coincidence the moment I'm writing this topic. Im alone in the house. Spookifited by the thing is in my mind. I can't help it. I'm obsessed with it.
    Why I'm like this 😩😩
    p.s. don't do suicide. Ask for help, if u r having suicidal thoughts.

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    @Fuxking-idiot33 I just added this series to my watchlist. Looks interesting

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    @Fuxking-idiot33 I am thinking of it next after a move Euca recommended to me!

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    @Fuxking-idiot33 said in Why I'm like this 😫😫😫😫😫😭😭:

    Well I'm happy coz u slept well. But idk what point u wanted to make in it.

    Think he meant to say that believing in witchcraft and spooky stories like that can have a sort of placebo effect on your mind.

    ThΓ© brain is the only thing that controls how you perceive the world and by believing in witchcraft and thinking youre being haunted, then you might start interpreting normal things you see as ghosts. πŸ‘»

    Scientists still don’t know how exactly the placebo effect works and how the brain can convince your body that a fake pill can cure you. So it’s entirely possible that the brain can also convince you you’re being haunted without you even realizing it, and you start actually seeing believable proof of it.

    So all in all, by simply not believing in witchcraft or supernatural activities, you might save yourself from being haunted

  • @WtfJudith
    As I mentioned, I have seen this news on TV. The news channels in India always like to spice up things. So they made it spookify .
    After watching the documentary.

    Still I don't believe in such things. But I have seen people possessed by other (idk what they r) souls. If u watch the documentary u will know talking about this is taboo. So idk what exactly that is.
    So that terrifies me that evening. Good think was I didn't have dreams of it xD.

  • @Janet I might watch it as well πŸ˜…

  • @Fuxking-idiot33 Because YOU BELIEVE !! how many times I should say this ? Bring a fucking atheist to a witchcrafter or a haunted house , see how nothing ever happens , because If it happens then atheists will all believe in god . There's a connection between what you believe -feel-witness and what happens. I believed yesterday that I have Insomnia, so couldn't sleep at all but only naps ! And when I told someone I know about It he told me decrease the caffeine and nicotine doses , so I smoked no hookah before sleeping and I went to sleep , I'm literally replying to this post after 7hrs sleep TM had after totally forgetting abt the caffeine advice the dude told me and drank a mug of Nescafe before sleeping yesterday Hahahaha πŸ˜•

  • @The-Mods
    Well I'm happy coz u slept well. But idk what point u wanted to make in it.


  • @The-Mods
    Yeah ikr these all thing r just in my mind. But I can't just turn off then switch n stop thinking about it. But yeah I can try not to think. ✌

  • @AshBucks33 Ive seen people talking about a past life experience (reincarnation) and bringing solid proofs of it !! Like a 6 year old kid already knows where he hiden the money in his past life ! People were shocked but the more shocking news I have for you is that among over than 2billion muslims arnd the world only a group of 400thousamd believe in this reancarnation thingy and it only happens for them !!!

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