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    Dear Almighty @Global-Moderators

    In regards of this funny post from @ssll-sg as he tried to:

    1. Creating dramas based on his own histories
    2. Verbally abusing one of moderators by mentioning "her name" as we can say Janet
    3. Saying that most of people perceptions are wrong and doing such blasphemy that all of us are goons of Janet's
    4. Doing such terrible attitudes and inappropriate behaviours proven with those kind of comments based on his posts

    I'd like to ask you all to reconsider either this user may have a temporary banned as his actions is really unacceptable.

    I've already sent a flag user request as he still tries to prove himself as he is good person, what a narcissist human being.

    Many thanks in advance for your consideration.

    A husband of 6th wives in this TWS

  • @ssll-sg if every "asshole" got banned on this site... there would be no users.

  • @Janet said in #7th Protest Letter to do Banned SSLL SG:

    @ssll-sg if every "asshole" got banned on this site... there would be no users.

    Very true. Even the nicest of users sometimes must be aggressive when it's clearly needed that they must defend themselves. Nobody is perfect, I'll definitely admit that about myself. But hey, that's life. We all go through experiences that serve as self-improvement and in turn, we learn how to be better to one another.

    And, anatomically speaking, we technically all do have them :joy:

    Within this community, all us regular users sure play around, goof off, and mess with each other from time to time. That may look different or even negative from an outside perspective if a contextual conclusion is made prematurely, but we all know in the end that things are alright and can respect each other's boundaries. After all, why would we even continue to get on here every day if we didn't want to talk to each other, right?
    Love to you all! :heart: humans will be humans

  • @Quatre 😏

  • @ssll-sg It was sarcasm. This site is full of great people and they know that. You can try to turn people against me now all you want. Or better yet you can stop the drama.

    I'm done. I no longer wish to entertain you and your drama

  • @A20 Best thing to do is to ignore him, he likes this attention yall giving him xD

  • @ssll-sg said in #7th Protest Letter to do Banned SSLL SG:

    @Morf said in #7th Protest Letter to do Banned SSLL SG:

    Even the nicest of users sometimes must be aggressive when it's clearly needed that they must defend themselves.

    what about being level headed?
    what about being matured?
    what about being polite?????????????

    Those are very good questions for your previous comments above. :thinking:

    come on!
    dont be wishy washy,buddy!
    stick to ONE point and ONE principle.

    youve shown me ,yet again,the clear cut evidence that your principle changes every time it suits your narrative.

    come on!
    embrace your assholeness!

    PS: what do you think about this marvelous new title

    ----<(Grand ArchDuke of Assholes the 1st)>-----

    it sounds cool,right?

    Why would your contextually obvious insults "sound cool"?
    The persistence of drama/negativity and basically everything you've said within this 2nd group of your quotes and instigations can ironically be analyzed by the questions in your 1st group of quotes. It's always easy to "point the finger" at others and never look at ones self.

    The intent in all my posts are, as clearly stated multiple times, to be helpful, extremely positive, and welcoming. Perhaps somewhat informative. But as mentioned already, friendly advice/suggestions on how to let go of the stress and negativity to have an all-around enjoyable experience on this site through interaction with others.

    Many of the positivity adjectives you used within this response such as: "maturity, level-headedness and politeness", all stem back from my initial post and what I have been advocating all along in my attempts to assist you and give to you some atmospherically positive words of encouragement.

    I don't mind you giving your opinions. These constant replies I have received from you, or: "attempted attacking negatively via drama with seemingly very much haste", would have the possibility of effectiveness if I had any insecurities or doubts regarding my will, and as you said: "narrative" in all my posts, which as you and everyone else can see, ultimately remain unchanged.

    Honestly, playing with you has been fun. Thanks for the somewhat spirited banter. But at this point there's no reason for unnecessary drama to continue so needlessly and endlessly. Especially since the original subject matter has now been taken over by such trivial and petty things which really are not all that important, nor worth taking up more space on the site as well as the time of whoever will read this, as the banter has become entirely mundane. The "back and forth" responses with you have lost all qualities of entertainment are now overly repetitive and boring.

    So as to the adjectives I have been speaking of, and for reference sake, your first group of quotes to which you were asking questions of said adjectives; I respectfully take my leave of this conversation and put a stop at least to my part that could possibly cater further to your actions. Since it is not probable nor morally right to go to extremes (beyond friendly suggestion or advice) of completely forcefully change anyone's thought processes, we can do the next best thing. And that would be to lead by example with the virtues as per your list adjectives in your line of questioning.

    You may dissect this post and reply with all the "pokes, jabs, or insults" you will, but it's all irrelevant anyway since I will no longer continue dialogue with you any further. Debates that transition into drama have no competitive factors of any significance, there are no winners. So continue actively seeking controversy and hostility as you may, to be expected within your response of this post as well as many other posts in the ether or within the Topics section of this community.

    Take care and I wish you a better experience on this site! :) :wave:

  • ♡ soul searchers ♡ ~Psycho~

    @ssll-sg The way you talk is so cringe and immature

  • One Woman Army Sarah's Fan Club

    nibby still posts protest letters

    everyone still takes trolls seriously

    drama still gets ppl pumped asf

    alt text
    good old tws lmao

  • Chocolate Lovers ;) SPARTAN Global Moderator

    @A20 this is so funny

    @Janet congrats on getting your very own protest letter <33

  • Chocolate Lovers ;) SPARTAN Global Moderator

    @A20 if you’re taking janet’s side, i actually support uou on this

  • @ssll-sg Its the internet. People behave poorly when no one can see them face-to-face. Not every user is an asshole, but your twisting my words (again) so I am calling myself an asshole too. The internet is full of trolls, but I am 100% positive you are aware of that. You came here calling people BOY being rude right off the bat. You responded to a response a user made to a poster. It is NO ONES fault but your own that you got received with such negativity. A community will come together assholes and non-assholes alike.

  • The Broken LurkersForLife Doggo Wuvers Henlo Gang Chocolate Lovers ;) Banned

    @Quatre i am on Janet's side indeed. You can see how he commented and posted about her.

  • Henlo Gang tws gay club but no homo Global Moderator Doggo Wuvers LurkersForLife

    @A20 damnit, was looking forward to reading the newest protest letter but I have no idea wtf is going on 😥

  • The Broken LurkersForLife Doggo Wuvers Henlo Gang Chocolate Lovers ;) Banned

    @WtfJudith you want a full explanation, wifey? 😏 give me 5 times kiss plus 4 hours straight cuddling and you are not allowed to go anywhere unless i fall a sleep 🤣
    tf i am being so possessive today!
    I will send you the clarification through dm 😏 gimme 4 hours. I gotta do some reports first.

  • Live Chat Moderator Music Lovers Animal Lovers Live Chat Regulars Gamers

    @Janet Good on you Janet.

  • @A20 he's just a kid.ignore that whore

  • The Broken LurkersForLife Doggo Wuvers Henlo Gang Chocolate Lovers ;) Banned

    @ssll-sg uh yes go barking :)
    Dogs barking

  • ♡ soul searchers ♡ ~Psycho~

    @ssll-sg You are only sayin' that to oppose me, lil buddy

  • The Broken LurkersForLife Doggo Wuvers Henlo Gang Chocolate Lovers ;) Banned

    @FluffyCookie ok baby, now bendover!

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