• hi so i have a boyfriend , we have been together for almost 4 yrs. recently i didnt felt the need to text anybody including him n i did told him abt wat i was feeling . he said itsokay as long as u still want this rs and u still love me , then we're gonna be fine . after that i suddenly didnt text him ...idk y i did that . we didnt text with each other for a week now and i want to text him . im too scared to text him , wat if he suddenly said he doesnt want this rs ?? im scared cuz i love him too much . he cant text me bcuz i hav strict parents n i hav to text him so its safe for him to text me back . how shld i text him ?

  • Global Veteran

    Idk. Maybe surprise him with hand warmers??😳

  • Oh sweet Vietnam's flashbacks XD
    The flame is starting to dim, dude 🤣

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