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    • DDOS : "Denial of service attack".A distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack is a malicious attempt to make an online service unavailable to users, usually by temporarily interrupting or suspending/Intrupting the services of its hosting server.

    Basically it can be divided into 3 parts :

    • Volumes based attacks : UDP floods,ICMP floods &
      Spoofed packet flood.

    UDP = "User datagram protocol"
    ICMP = "Internet control Message protocol"

    • Protocol attacks : SYN flood,Fragmented packet attacks ,ping of death smurf Ddos.

    SYN = "Synchronize"

    • Application layer attacks : GET/POSTS flood &
      Attacks that target Apache, Windows and open BSD vulnerabilities.

    Let's talk about most common ones used :

    • UDP Floods : A DDoS attack that floods a target with User Datagram Protocol (UDP) packets & makes the server/service to check if that's listening to port, continuesly & later it makes the "destination unreachable ".

    • PIng of death : Most commonly used by kids/newbies. In this attack the host sends malicious/Malformed pings (in bytes) to a computer/server , from a IP and they are too big in size sometimes that reaches the "Data link layer" (Maximum requests a server can take) & makes the server slow, sometimes The site goes down.

    • HTTP Flood : somehow the most easy and most dangerous one in this one, the attacker/host sends requests to website by using bot nets IP (Bot IP)

    "A massive HTTP flood can have about : 690,000,000 DDoS requests from 180,000 botnets IPs."

    "Also it's better to enter credentials in *https website because the "S" In https denotes for "secure" & also tells us that the website have Valid SQL certificates."



    I don't know if anyone care or not but I just wanted to find something that can make me get rid of boredom so I make posts like this, you can have a look on previous posts too also ignore grammar mistakes



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    @AXES usually they continuesly send requests using bot ip and and when the server reaches the maximum number of request then, boom. It stops working

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    @AXES probably they were script kiddies doing that for some Adrenaline rush

  • @AXES Blizzard still gets DDossed a lot on major patch days causing servers to lag or come down. Its funny and annoying at the same time.....

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    Nice one Newuser. So they act like they were flooded, or something to delay user?

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    ok, so they flooding and causeing collison.. yeah, hahaha. seen that happen so much from hackers..
    sad that they get that desperate.

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    Newuser, remember they use to do that with EBAY at last sec bidding on some items.. so they know, they got the last low bid? Ebay made a great firewall to stop that kind of behavior

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    for no other reason but to say, they can do it. How sad Janet, just ruin for self gratification of , nothing. Sad.

  • @AXES yup its amazing that it still happens

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