Story timeee🐟🐟🐟🐟

  • So i was getting ready for a shower and my bathroom ceiling started leaking Fuck this shit i was like fuck dis shit I'm out then i ran upstairs to get my dad he came downstairs he said it will be okay he THINKS so he's probably gonna call someone to make sure wish us luck

  • Omg really !?!? Okay I REALLY need to care this time when me and my friend where where in the woods !!!... <3. If that's okay. SO. it was like 1am sum so yk I seen that she posted something on her Instagram account Soo !! I decided to call her. Blah blah blah. So she agreed to do this challenge that I seen on "tiktok" which is sorta LIKE the topic rn... So I just got on my clothes and made sure that my mom was sleep and my dad. We met up because we both live not the streets okay 23 minutes later we where in the woods we keep laughing. And smh we just sat on the floor. AND THEN instantly I regretted it. It was really late like I said we had our phones out.. into my friend started to hum. I GOT SO MF SCARED. after like 20 more minutes we just started to dance sing and all of that.. nothing really scary happened untill.. we started to hear walking.. like someone was walking towards us.. but there was no one there. My friend didn't really care she was just on her phone.. untill we heard a LOUD creak. So we decided to go and yeah.. SORRY IF THIS IS SO LONG !!!!

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    So, what is your favorite,, YOUR TIME? books, music, movies, video games or.. KICKING BUTT? What makes you want to get up in the morning, and what food you like best?

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