• i have always been fascinated with crime. the human animal in us all, or , as Oscar Wilde once said "the heaven and hell in each of us". i have ALWAYS beleived in the death penalty. i have read stories that cry out for it. i want everyone to know...i dont care a fuck about your family life, your dan drug use, your neglected childhood, your mental state. if you CHOOSE to harm an INNOCENT PERSON then you PAY THE FUCKING PRICE! and if you take their life, then offer yours up for it. i DARE ANYONE to sway me on this. i wont even get into sick things people have done that just got life. if it was up to me, you would have a death penalty execution every week. fuck this sitting in prison on the taxpayer dime for 30 fucking years! go look up RANDY KRAFT and see what he did. you will then scream why the fuck is this man still alive! and dont get me started on defense attorneys. they are worse than those they defend. because the know better! they will file for an appeal EVEN AFTER the killer turns to the judge and says " i have no remorse and i will kill again if freed". i learned from my time on earth this fact

    there is JUSTICE in the america....but not PROPER justice! the only way you will ever get that is to take care of it yourself. end of story. no one will do it for you. the "system" is appaling and is useless. they have never cared about the victim. the care about logistics instead. anyway, read this story im posting and tell me afterward HOW THE FUCK YOU DENY THE DEATH PENALTY TO THIS SLIME!!!

    sorry for the anger as i post, but this shit makes my blood boil over