• did you have a momma that worked the corner alot and left you neglected? was your sister a ho? why the fuck do all you GROWN MEN on here (esp indians) come at 13-17 yr olds NOT for simple chatting or even innocent flirting, but go right into "wanna fuck/show me your tits/got any nudez"?? if you had a fuckign daughter would you do that with her friends if they came over? im betting thats a yes

    i wil chat with that above age group and not even think about pervy shit because thats just not how i was raised. i dont have an age hangup and i will tell some cute 16 yr old that yeah, shes pretty. the difference between you and i is this. "you are pretty" doesnt mean i am thinking " i wish she would suck me off and sit on my face". it is called respect. it is called decency. somethign grown men on here apparently left at home or never had

    and the last difference that seperates me from you slime i am referring to. when ai girl or woman is no longer interested and i get the hint, THEN I GET THE HINT! she tells you to leave and creep on someone else, that heed the message. but no. on here you cant stand rejection so you hound them and almost harass them.

    i was always taught how you treat a girl is thinking of having your mother over your shoulder watching how you behave with her. are you making her proud and is she smiling? or is she fucking embarrassed to call you her own and is ready to puke? think about that the next time you are on here asking a 13 yr old for her tit pix

    you make me sick

  • @mikeJB im new to this site and literally 90% of people ive come across are of the category you described. Its frustrating. So I guess thanks for the angry venting since I was going to do the same 🙂

  • like i said. guys can still say "you are pretty" or even hot. by wtf does everythign have to be sexual after that? that damn little 14 yr old running around ordering dildos and telling people about it. she thought i was a typical older guy on here who would fawn all over her and wanna sex chat. nope. not me. wrong guy. i said she could be a model look wise but she wanted more and i told her why the hell is she so slutty? she left me in the chatroom. all because i wasnt a horny bastard like she wanted. why would i wanna be with a 14 yr old!!!!!!? i told her sexiness can still be with having your clothes on. modesty is beautiful AND sexy. she was like so many girls on here and wanting sexting. i just dont get it anymore the people around me act more and mor elike animals each and every day. im ashamed to know you

  • Well said

  • @Cara000 just anger from me. ive had enough and vented. doubt anyone cares anyway

  • @Cara000 and the saddest part is no moderation to be found or had. they let everyone say or do almost anything they feel. you see child porn dealings on here daily. nothing happens. but as i said in another rant. i feel this place almost encourages it

  • GSP Patrol | The Proofreaders Music Lovers SPARTAN SEEKERS ABOOBS

    @mikeJB mad respect bro

  • GSP Patrol | The Proofreaders Music Lovers SPARTAN SEEKERS ABOOBS

    @mikeJB its absolutely ridiculous! low lives i tell ya

  • Well said , thank you

  • @mikeJB I agree with you on that

  • @mikeJB thats sick 😕 enabling perverts. then on the other hand those girls are prob not expecting to be rejected on a site like this... so sad.

  • @Greymatter to all you sluts on here if you see this. save your tit pix and ass pix for some other guy this is what i find attractive>>>

    notice she is beautiful. but also notice she has CLOTHES ON! and notice her adorable smile also. i will take that over a slutty kardashian or cardi B anyday!

    natalie lisinska.jpg

  • @Cara000 we always hear how bad it is to slut shame. but damn. how can i not when i see girls out here hoing themselves for every guy who walks by! and then we wonder why we are callin them hos????????

  • @mikeJB im a female myself but i do not fucking understand the girls who go around flaunting everything and then complain when they get cat called etc. They are trying to fight the stereotype, but this is so ingrained in our society that i think this is a losing battle. But what is so wrong with dressing the way you want to be treated? if you want to be respected you dress the part. If you want to be cat called - you dress the fucking part. Do not expect to be respected by people if you dress like a ho 😲 people will treat you like a cum bag 🤦🏼

  • @Cara000 some of these Indian men are the worst. they see a 12 yr old on here and say someting like "oh baby , you will be my wife. my princess i will be your prince and love on you baby". or somethign to that affect. is that how their counry teaches these men how to behave with little girls? good lord

  • @Cara000 to all you ladies....MODESTY IS BEAUTIFUL TOO!


  • @Cara000 hey cara

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