• @SuperStressef its a party time, why you need to beg him, if he gets angry, you get angry on him aa well.

  • @SuperStressef Why you beg someone to love you, if he get angry, you also get angry on him.
    Just tell him directly what you feel.
    Why you need to worry, you will get support you are women.
    Dont fear anyone.

  • @crockrose what ever god has given you be happy about it, your life do whatever you want but dont expect things from others

  • @crockrose this is probably the hardest thing I’ve had to finally accept that just because I loved him so hard for so many years doesn’t mean he has to return it. Cant expect to receive what you give from everyone

  • @SuperStressef Such cases need patience .. I Don't know details abt you and him but my answer should be balanced so give him and yourself sometime to see why he changed? And why he Is angry before? The answer Wouldn't be hard if you confront him ... But choose right time and place . Hopefully my answer helped

  • @The-Mods I’ve been with him since we were 17 years old and we are both 22 now and he’s always had a problem with wanting to be single but also not wanting to let me go, and I am in no way overbearing or the type to try and keep a leash so I’ve always let it be known that he was free to leave me alone and live the single life at anytime cause I wouldn’t allow him to have the best of both worlds, but he’d always twist it somehow, make it seem like it was complicated to be in a relationship when in all reality he just simply wanted to be free to do what he wanted while still having me in his corner. He developed this tactic of being an asshole and showing distant and aggressive behavior to create space so he could feel justified in doing not so faithful things behind my back, or getting over angry at the slightest things so he’d have more of an excuse to again feel justified for doing things behind my back. He’d come back and apologize for his behavior when he’d see me distance myself and I would always forgive because younger me always thought that was “being there for him” but I’m not that 17 yr old girl anymore and a little more than a year ago maybe, I started looking for him to finally love me back as hard as I’ve loved him and he and he would always act as though I was asking to much of him. So I stopped. I didn’t fight his distance, I didn’t constantly question his habit of getting overly angry nor did I put my best foot forward in trying to fix it. I stopped wanting his affection and could careless for his attention and just simply became a whole different person from the teenage girl that was so in love and obsessed with him. And oddly enough that’s when he started to slowly show me the love that I have always wanted and I kind of don’t want it. Sort of curious to see if this could actually be it, the relationship with him that I have always craved, sort of just ready to focus on myself and pour the love I’ve desperately tried to give him into myself

  • @SuperStressef To be honest I see you should move on and leave him .. try to reflect that love into yourself and grow stronger emotionally and mentaly . Good luck in your new life chapter if you do so .🙂

  • @SuperStressef If you feel your marriage has more problems than love, consider counselling. You should not give up on relationships within seconds that took years to form.

  • @SuperStressef i think you guys should talk it out and try to understand how you both feel about the marriage. i’m pretty young so i don’t really know much about marriage, but i think talking it out and understanding each other will help clear things up. good luck! :)

  • @SuperStressef sounds like me and my first wife. I did the same to her as your husband has done to you...and the truth is...I didn't really love her properly...I was just afraid to be alone.