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  • @Rot3m no you I like animals not wild fucking bitches

  • @Clever_Fox I meant to say that they should not allow those Hamas terror group to live with them.

  • @Ash don't believe him bro, hamas has no power outside Gaza, israelis steal Palestinians houses and u can watch that in youtube and beat and kill who prey in mosque, then hamas tell israel to stop or attack them, so they didn't stop and hamas attack them. If someone steal your house u'll just shut up or u'll do a reaction and defend for your house ?? Israel steal and say be quiet

  • @Reda-10 oh man this is so complicated

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Rot3m Why don't you stay in your country, there will also be peace and there too Israelis can call themselves an independent Israeli Jew.

  • @Rot3m An excuse worse than sin, why can't you stop the war? You started the war, you are the ones who occupied Palestine and killed its people, and you are the ones who kill the Arabs, why will the Arabs kill you ?? Jews have lived in all Arab countries for centuries in peace, I am Algerian, and in my country we have had many streets and cities for the Jews for centuries, also in Morocco and Tunisia ... Why are you the one who determines who is good and who is bad? Eliminating Hamas is not justified To kill the Palestinians while they were sleeping in their homes. The hardest thing in life is when a wolf masquerades as a sheep.....

  • @Rot3m nice excuse for you evn hamas is inside al aqsa mosque, ok now 221 palestinians are dead what do you say now

  • i would like to know if you think netanyahu is a corrupt bastard? i sure do!

  • also fact, israel has NEVER wanted peace with palestine. they want to wipe them off the map literaly

  • @Clever_Fox we already tried it in 1948, the UN suggested the two states plan, the Israelis agreed and the palestinians declined.

  • @mikeJB A lawsuit is currently pending against him, A person is innocent until proven otherwise.

  • @mikeJB this is not true. The opinion of extremists is not the opinion of the majority.

  • Neither side is prepared to consider that the other may have genuine reasons for behaving as it has done in the past, they are only ready to condemn. Nor does either side understand how they have made the other living in hatred and suffering. The leaders of both sides and their allies must realize that they are the main culprits why people are being killed and don't have peace!

  • @kaia_ I agree

  • Banned

    I saw more than one idiot.

  • @swk what do you mean? Do you have a question?

  • @Rot3m I think it's very difficult to get at any true understanding of what is happening over there from where I am, Australia.

    One media outlet spins the story toward favouring one side and another spins it toward the other side. And then there are normal people caught in the middle of the conflict.

    It seems as though the Governments of those countries also cannot control the radical elements within their societies that seek to exact their own punishments.

    Clearly both sides are angry and the continued fighting just escalates the conflict. A ceasefire of some sort would be beneficial so that level headed talks can take place.

    I could be completely wrong but it seems there is little hope of getting anywhere in terms of of a peaceful resolution to the violence until the rogue non-governmental elements are reigned in.

  • @Rot3m you are the first Israeli I have seen on Internet and i would like to say few things. Your so called defense is killing children i have seen interviews of Israeli soldiers saying killing children is alright. You are arresting them. And my observation leads me to a conclusion that you are doing it so you can occupy the land when there are no further Palestinian generation to continue to resist. I have read your book Talmid which certainly states that all humans except Jews are pigs and dogs and that are meant to be slaughtered and ruled over. The real religion is no different than Christianity or even Islam but the modification that have been added like the book Talmud is the reason for creation of zionism. And if you try to justify children killing, that's very absurd.

  • @Johnnyy i would just ask a question. If few refugees start taking invert Australia and make a separate state and continue to do so in Australia, how would you feel? The whole world sympathised with Jews after weans they are still doing so but are they going to sympathise with Palestine?

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