• I'm actually lost as of the moment.

  • Right now, forget about your ambitions or future. Focus on the people you love and build upon that, which includes your friends and family. Learn to be closer with them, find someone you love even if platonically. If you have no one, start from the internet, you can find anyone, believe me. Once you have people that love and support you, then any ambition you have will improve ten times over because of the people that matter to you. And even if you don't have an ambition, then you will have love. At the end the day, that's what matters the most. I wish you all the best.

  • @Rezmek thank you!

  • First insight that I truly believe in is that If you want to find meaning in your life, you have to think deeply. You will have use some energy.

    We are in the same spot. But I think you should sit down & write down your thoughts to reevaluate your values. One idea that helps me a lot is to find other people who seems to have lived their life in a meaningful way. They are not celebrities maybe an author, or a passionate artist. Read about them and try to figure out what gave meaning to their life and get inspiration from those things. You have to be careful here, I am not asking to be copy them. Just look at their lives and see the emotional content not their achievement.

    Soon you will find out the nature of your question. I wish I was smart enough to put that idea into words

  • @nihan32109 yes it's crystal clear. Thank you for your kind thoughts. I really appreciate it. ❤️