• Someone steal a car in the morning,
    In the evening owner of the car found it out, but he discovered the car it’s so clean and tidy also he found a message from the person who steals the car, written in it “I’m sorry brother, I must steal it because my friend was sick and in a deplorable condition.....”
    I apologise for the second time, so I had gift for you, movie tickets for you and your generous family with nuts and some juices....
    The owner of the car smile and thanks God to get remuneration and reward without hardship, and he took his family and go to Cinema, when he and his family back to home, he figured out the house has been stolen of all its content, and also he found a message written on it “did you like the movie, my friend?!”

  • @stranger-pink it’s just a joke

  • Animal Lovers

    @Aya_-al ahahahhahahah , our damn world

  • @Aya_-al wait what.... don't tell me this is a true story... it got to be a fiction.....

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