• As a heterosexual man seeking opinion of homosexuals, I wanna genuinely know who out of Allah or Jesus is more sexually appealing to you and why?

    Some wisdom to make your day and life better -

    Feminists and vegans may note that being either of the two is not a personality trait you idiots.

  • @sup ...??? is this supposed to be a joke or what? as a heterosexual man, how about you stay out of homosexuals' business?

    some wisdom to make your day and life better -

    your dick belongs in your pants so stop wearing it around like it's a personality trait.

  • @writtenbyviolet
    If I were You, a girl in my 20s I'd shut up about my opinions and I'd request the government to take away my right to freedom of speech. Then I'd request my parents to take my internet away because my opinions are trash and my existence is invalid.

    Also, as heterosexual man there are ample reasons for me to stay in homosexuals' business. First to teach them not to take offense at everything. Then to teach them why jokes are not meant to be taken seriously. Third, id politely tell them fuck them pronouns as i am not going to be using them no matter what. It clashes with my freedom of speech! Also,I dont mean a thing i say on here. So stop being a social justice warrior because not a single soul in this world needs your saving. #justjokes

  • @sup if i were you, a wee wee barely passing the age of 18, i'd shut up about my opinions and request for my mommy and dada dearest to take away my freedom of speech by grounding me at home with no wifi or 5G network because my dream job is to be ~jobless~ and my only passion is to get validation from fools in a strangers chatting website by posting my stupidity online.

    also, as a dumbass heterosexual man, there are ample reasons for you to stay out of homosexuals' and basically anyone's business. first to teach you how to zip your lips the way you zip your pants. keep offending things that are not needed to be seen or heard by others to yourself just like how you keep that dick in your pants. then second is to teach you that you can't say shit that is categorized as a religious offense or homophobic and act like you do nothing wrong under the pretense of it being a ~harmless internet joke~. third i'm politely asking you to delete or deactivate your account as no one finds your dry ass jokes funny no matter what. i just realized that not everybody actually deserves a freedom of speech! also, i mean everything i just said here. so stop acting up like a 2012 unstable ~edgy and oh so funny!~ tumblr kid because it's 2021 and not a single soul on this site needs your insufferable humour. #notajoke

  • @writtenbyviolet First,to point out that I'm jobless is quite hypocritical as long as you keep replying to every post of mine with a ton of frustration and bullshit that literally nobody asked for. I can keep doing this all day long as its fun for me.

    Im sure youre trying to rectify the world and whine over world problems one chatroom at a time lmao. Trying to censor everything that you consider inappropriate. Who gives you these powers eh?

    Do you wake up everyday trying to find reasons to be offended, to be the saviour of the world and tell yourself "ohh i musnt offend anybody today" Is that your purpose of life? Shut up. If you dont like the post you might as well just downvote instead of lecturing me, like youre really accomplishing something??

    I want you to realise that you are not in a position to ask me to be politically correct. I disregard your opinions completely. Saying shit that is categorized as a religious offense or homophobic is my favourite hobby next to making sjws realise of how little importance their views are to me. Oh how much I wish your parents had never prayed to asian jesus for a girl like you.

    My advice - Calm your titties,brother. Im just another "sexist pig" from the other side of the world trying to boil your blood to the point it just bursts out of your viens and you finally put an end to this suffering of a life you have.

    Im sure youre the kinda chick to report meme accounts on instagram because you are not able to digest edgy humor and you only want to see displined and respectful jokes(as if such a thing exists). Kindly fuck out off my topic as I dont want fragile people to be here and vanish into your politically correct world.