• We learn how to swim so we wouldnt drown, makes sense. Well some dont. But i dont mean this literally. It sounds nice, floating above the water, the weathers sunny, theres no pressure. Yet what is there for you? When everything of value is down there, theres other fish, other life forms, beautiful corals. And the deeper you go the higher the pressure, and the more theres around you. So remember, whenever you feel like theres too much pressure in your life, it just means there are more and more things appearing around you. You handle that pressure, dont let it distract you. That is what life is about, that is where you will find your meaning of your life. No one cares if youre up there floating, no one can see you. Get down there, go deeper, a meter every day.

    We all would like to change the world, or at least something that we dont like in it. How about you start with the people around you, that is your world. One world at a time ay? Dont think about changing the lifes of billions, think of changing life of at least one person in your life time and they'll do the same to someone, and they will do the same.

    But dont start with someone else if youre in a bad place, start with yourself. Helping takes resources, physical, mental. Without them youre not much of a help. Its like trying to invest in a business by offering your expensive shoes, no they need currency. And people need energy not just some motivating text from Instagram, and a lot of it to form a real connection with someone whos collapsed under the pressure. Take care of yourself, its all you really have, and the rest will follow, trust me, please.

  • I felt like it's literally written for me.. I really needed this. Thanks bud for putting this up:)

  • @Alte Got it, thanks. Indeed, there is immense wealth hidden in the deep recesses of the great oceans. They just cant be seen from the surface above

  • @Ash005 desires are very fleeting and doesn't provide zing in the long run. Today you can have 'abc' desire, tomorrow you will be running after 'xyz'.. if that's how we mean to run helter-skelter throughout our lives, life would be shallow and "meaningless". everyone is going somewhere, we are following them too and if asked why? we go like- "oh, everyone is going there".. we eat, we breath, we sustain ourselves etc, why? -- to live!.. well, why do you want to live sir? --idk. most people just go blank at that question.. some people just want to follow their passion(desires) but it's not going to last long, at the end you would sill be unsatisfied and disturbed. in fact, Charlie Chaplin was diagnosed with mental health issues too.. if that's how life is going to end after following our "desires", what's the point in living then? life is more than just desires, unless there is a meaning and purpose to our lives- we will continue look for that "meaning" here and there in the name of desires. Also, if life was only about desires.. what could possibly define the state of drug addicts? they might think it to be the highest thing in the life to pursue for, but a sane person will be able to see their misery and how much they are actually suffering. desires can be toxic and might lead to distress and at times desires are so overwhelming that they makes us do so many things which we might later regret and lament like anything. of course desires are there, it's the characteristics of living beings.. but life is not just desires!!

  • @Achal99 " I want to live !!! " - that's a desire
    Want (key word)
    Also u misunderstood it .
    I m not forcing someone here to accept something , it is just my way of understanding ... U can understand life in whichever way u want but what I said is my understanding not my opinion for ppl

  • @Ash005 of course, I respect that:)

  • @Ash005 Alright, that's good.. Let's dive for pearls!

  • Music Lovers LIVELY

    @Alte only 5% of the ocean has been discovered . Explorers and scientists have discovered some species known to be extinct many years ago, so we don't know what else will be lying await for us to discover

  • @kaia_ sounds challenging but exciting