• Disclaimer : Actually it's not an pagan or olcutism curse.. it's just like some mental-block curse

    3 Months ago I met this girl on stranger chat room, she admit that she is an 18y.o girl and really into talking with me.. We get along easily, we give each other Line ID and thats how our friendship made.

    I'm a type of man who open for any kind of social relationship (even my main purpose to join this stranger chatting room are because I'm looking for overseas friend) and not really want to make some romance, so we chat casually.

    After chatting for awhile, we realise that we have a lot in common (favorite music, movies, even kind of art..) and turns out she admit that she is 15 years old (i'm 20 btw) and that's not become trouble for us (becasue we dont have any romance.. please note it)... and our friendship continue.. we event having a call for hours almost everyday... In the time we getting along, I almost never do stranger chat anymore.

    Things getting ugly since 2 weeks ago.. she says that finals are coming so we cant comunicate like we use to do (she has to focus, besides, she got grounded for wake up late and every dusk her mom take her phone).. I understand it and trying to not contact her unless she contact first..

    This thing happen (even getting worst) even after the finals over.. until the limits that she isn't contact me at all, until this topic posted, for 3 days.. no explanation given to me before..

    The curse start when I want to distract this confusion to stranger chat.. I start to chat and feels like all of my ability to open converstation with stranger suddenly dissapear.. like I'm the stutter nerd who want asking girl to go to prom.. blank all the way..

    What sould I do? is it because my last prroblem or what?

  • I feel you bro.
    That happens when you spend too much time on one person so all your conversation tricks are tuned to match that particular person.
    One way out of this is to take a break and avoid strangers at all and have some familiar company.
    Another way is to fill yourself with complete strangers in a group, try the Public Chat on TWS here it helps.
    Also don't lose heart if she is genuine she will be back.

  • @lucifer_ Ah.. Kindest Lucifer that I know.. Thanks a lot man.. appreciate it..really helps..

  • firstly she is done..that chapter is over..move on..
    secondly yeah u cant open up or talk to strangers anymore because of the pain of ur last experience..it taught u a lesson,a lesson to not get close to strangers and be open to them and be dependent on them because they can just leave like 3-2-1 and puff disappear...

    so my advice is do something different like if u r a interior person for 1 week try being outside and also keep indulging ur brain by doing things differently ...and eventually ur mind will get past the raw hurt and by that time u will feel numb and wudnt want to do it for a long time depending upon how close she was to u....and thats normal....dont force it..it will take time....but u will be on track in no time.:)

    keep urself hydrated ...and dont forget to smile...its life..it happens!!!

  • Thanks a lot dude/babe.. I've been done tha.. and the result are something.. Thanks

  • Try not to be in a relation with a stranger person. The whole point of this site is that to share your views which you cannot share with the people you know. Being in a relation is dangerous in such sites specially when you know you might never get to meet that person.