• "You could say I defeated a part of myself.
    You could say I left the old me dusting on a shelf.
    Let it be so. I have always known there will come my turn to grow. I avoided so many paths. Chose only my own way.
    The world might go against me. I don't care what they say each choice is mine. Every movement I control whether I'm laughing or crying even being dramatic. I get not everyone can be understood. I may not even understand myself just yet.
    I say to be ambitious.
    I say live life like your still young.
    Be free. Caring. When you are misunderstood you have to be serious about proving your points.
    Not many know what it's like to be left out or falling in love.
    Having loving parents. Having a best friend who would do anything for you. Take a minute to relax... You may be shy.
    You may not have it all figured out. Don't avoid your paths.
    Try something new. Get out of that comfort zone. Stay home during this pandemic. We all feel alone right now. We watch tic toks or videos of teens or young adults happy and with friends or family. Don't follow their example stay home stay safe laugh with the videos made by them. Keep in mind at home with family isn't so bad. Keep trying. Keep your head up. Give thanks. Give cards to mail out even if it's just a close Neighbor.
    Good luck out there my fellow followers.