Will It Ever Rain?

  • Just like the sun shines the rain falls
    But too long has it been
    Will it ever rain again or it's just it's end
    The rivers are drying up
    The vegetations are dying
    The livestocks are going into extinction
    Will it ever rain again or the sun will continue

    What if it decides to rain and falls not
    What if it falls and it falls for less than a minute
    The question is will it ever fall again
    The clouds are in torments
    The sun is it's tormenter

    I know definitely it may take long but it will rain again
    When it will rain the sun will disappear
    The earth will comeback to its original state
    Ontill it rains, the sun will always be there
    Will it ever rain again.

    The sun are our greedy politicians
    The clouds are the citizens
    The rain is the powerful force of the citizens
    The earth represents our country

  • @obinyea 😊 Yes, even the rain is serene...

  • Thank you alot

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