• people say if time travel were real we would have seen someone from the future by now. which i don't understand. how are we suppose to see someone from the future if we arent there yet? like we haven't reached the future yet so we cant have someone come back from it right? since that period of time doesn't exist yet? dose that make sense? or am i retarded?

  • @riagan It seems impossible for us now and there is no evidence yet.乁[ ◕ ᴥ ◕ ]ㄏ

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    @riagan Alright to flex my geek muscles. Time travel in our current timeline is irrelevant. We don’t have to have the technology to see someone from the future. If said future person existed and had time travel capabilities then they could come back in time. Would we know they were from the future? Probably not. Because influencing the past from the future changes the future in theory.

    For example say we had time travel capabilities. We traveled back in time and gave the Romans modern weapons. Taught them to use them maintain them and make them. It would change the shape of history. Imagine instead of Attila charging down Roman legions he faced a modern tank. His calvary wouldn’t stand a chance. Rome never would have been sacked by him. Thus world history has just changed dramatically. But we could time travel the Romans wouldn’t have a clue how we did it.

    To close I hope this answers you’re question about time travel.

  • that wasn't really what i was asking. i get your point though, i'm sure giving the romans guns would change history. i was more so talking about why people seem to think there's already a future where its possible to travel back in time... doesn't make sense because the present is the only time. if that makes sense. guess what i'm saying is if time travel was possible we'd only be able to go back. because there is no future until we're living in it.. which would make it not the future..

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    @riagan that’s were you hit the infinite possibilities theory. No the future technically isn’t set in stone. But ever changing. Yet some theories say that there’s infinite futures that could happen.

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    @riagan ewok.gif

    May not be time travel. It may be a more advanced civilization appearing as if from the future.

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