• What is the easiest way of killing myself

  • the fact that you're here means you don't actually want to die. if you really did, the difficulty of how to do it wouldn't matter. most people that have attempted suicide regret what they did the instant they thought they were going to die. unless you can see the future and know life will absolutely never get better and there is no hope, you best find a way to deal with how you're feeling. there's always something to try. keep pushing till you find a better place. you got this.

  • i dont know what you're going through, or why you're asking this, but i've asked myself that a lot, especially recently, and imma give you a straight up answer to the real question you're asking me:
    you're gonna hear this a lot when you ask that, but i promise to you, i swear to you, you're gonna make it. you're gonna get through whatever it is you're going through. but looking up and asking that is giving into the death inside of you. look it in the face. tell it to piss off. and no, it ain't gonna just run away from you right there and leave you alone, but you gotta fight. every day. because in each person's life comes a time when you have to choose. choose between fighting and becoming something stronger, something more or giving in. discipline yourself, and i promise, i promise, and again, i promise, it'll be ok.