• It’s something I’ll never be able to explain I don’t know how to express the feelings she gives me... I will never give up I will have bad days when I miss her extremely and some days I’m optimistic and have faith !))that god is doing for us what we can’t do ourselves...

    If a woman makes a man become better if she makes him want to be better if she helps him get closer to god she is a blessing
    September 17th was he birthday 🎁 I was intoxicated by the thought of being with her laying with her holding her hand hugging her tightly while we sleep her head on my chest feeling safe and complete.

    People break up they separate but they also have miracles there’s not always a bad ending sometimes they forgive and have a better relationship then ever.

    Looking at her pic becomes torture sometimes but thinking about her dreaming and crying feels good

    Praying isthakara for her health for her happiness everyday is love not one second goes by when she isn’t on my mind what I will do or would do to have 2min with her so I could look her in the eyes and say thank you angle god will bless you in jannah you saved me from the hell I was in you are the reason I am sober today you are with me all the time you woke me up a couple days ago
    I pray that your forgive me I pray that we reunite soon I pray you can see how much I am trying it wasn’t easy getting out of that lifestyle
    You are my everything and always will be I know you still love me I know you are mad but you will forgive me someday we will be together with out beautiful daughter we will play jokes on each other like we use to. MERI