• This is honestly a secret I hope anyone in my life never finds out but my biggest confession is living with just me and my mum who is a single mum gave me my biggest regret secret because my mum seems to enjoy hoping from dick to dick and also has no problem with using any room in the house most the time I think she thinks I’m not home but there’s been a few nights that I’ve masturbated to the sounds and even been times where I have snuck around to get a view and I’ve even taken pictures and videos It’s something I’ve always hated about myself but it’s also something that isn’t simply easy to deal with in the heat of the moment

  • @Freshkid18 first of all admitting your darkness for your self and thats the first step you want to change for your self.. I appreciate it,what ever you are now it's your past experience may be negative or positive, now you have a choice how you can be, no need to regret it, that make you gloomy and pull you down and will not make you move forward .. all I can say forget about past and don't live with memories thinking about it to fix it which is gone long time ago.. now you have choice what you want to be

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