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    When you lose everything you got, when do you actually start living again? Once someone very important to me, told me "It isn't your fault... You can't take this illness away from me, and you didn't give it to me. God always has a plan for everyone, and if he says it's my time to go then it's my time to go... I don't want you crying for me, I want you happy that I moved on and that I'm in a better place." But what that man doesn't know, is that he's all I got, if he leaves I might as well just die too. He means the world to me, I used to have two people that meant a lot to me but the same thing is happening with my uncle that happened to my father, And I know some people won't care about my problems but I'm venting so. I don't like holding my feelings inside, I like talking about them so I can be at least some what happy (doesn't work) but you know. As I was saying, I'm not saying a lot of people on TWS don't mean the world to me, but the thing is my whole family is just.... changing... Most of my family hates me except my mom and step brother. I know hate is a very strong word but it's true. I thought maybe I should just try to be happy until the day I lose him. But whats the point in being happy if you know one of the last people in your family that actually cares about you is gonna die... I mean for real, theres not point at all...

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    Cruelty,pain and extreme injustice are essential parts of nature and humanity. May be the god/creator/whatever people say intentionally designed this world this way.
    And no, it is a very common misconception that the God is 100% loving which He is certainly not

    But there should be some psychological hacks to not feel the emotional pains. This is why organized Abrahamic religions like Islam,Christianity etc. exist so that oppressed and depressed individuals can find solace amidst all the cruelty of life.

    A very good psychological hack to lessen emotional suffering is to know and understand sufferings(which are much worse) of other individuals from the past and present.
    Here I found some incredible sufferings(these are recorded historic documents) experienced by some people:

    Read the 1st answer which contains the documented extreme suffering by some individuals so that you may find solace

  • @Dog Sometimes certain types of music(preferably with earphones) with certain frequencies is very effective to reduce emotional suffering:


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  • @Rissa_TheBest im sorry that you are going through this but always remember " what doesnt kill you , makes you stronger ". I know he means alot to you and thats why you should make him happy and i dont think anything makes him happier than seeing you live a good life and get to the places he couldnt. You know they never fully leave us. They do visit sometimes and you by not giving up , will make him happy

  • @Rissa_TheBest Losing Someone you loved is hard In fact a few years ago I lost a love one who I was super :hugging_face: :hugging_face: :hugging_face: close to. But Me and dennis as well as all ur besties are here for u

  • @Selenaa Yeah I know I've been busy a little bit, sorry but I'll talk to you today whenever your free to talk.

  • @Alireza-iran Thank you so much, that helps a lot.