do u sometimes wish u could redo Everything in life (or at least the majority)

  • Hi everyone, I hope I'm not burdening anyone with this post, but does anyone sometimes want to undo (almost) every life choice and redo everything. Because let's just say I signed up for something mainly to get away from something else & because this new thing would do me good as I would be giving back to the community. But I don't really feel motivated in what I signed up for. This new thing feels like a chore to me. I feel little to no interest/passion in what I signed up for and feel extreme passion for the old thing. But I can't really sign out of the new thing, so I'm pretty much stuck in it, you can say. But I'm just dealing with it and sucking it up, but I just wish I could go back and get more time to think before doing anything. Just wanted to confess this anonymously, have a good night, and thanks for reading. God bless.