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  • Probably just put it on the wall or something

  • Suggest selling medals, using proceeds to buy mind-altering drugs for disadvantaged children.

  • I would sell them to provide for my family and save money to get the hell out of the country before poverty consumes me.

    Imagine waiting for a decade for a brand new car? Thats how big of a failure communism was.

  • @Indrid-Cold Only if I am buried with military honors, I will wear them!

  • @sup Mmm. To be fair, it's only the same level of dogshi as English working class ppl currently waiting decades to buy a house.

  • @kaia_ I'll make sure the vicar has a big photo up front of you and Khrushchev fistbumping.

  • @Indrid-Cold Fine! We won't put up a fight. We have done the main thing 😂

  • @Indrid-Cold
    So many complexities involved here. I think the answer would defend upon which war you served in, and how well people perceive veterans of that era. I would also imagine that it would depend upon where you would be wearing them at.

    Personally I have known quite a few veterans here in the US of world war II, the korean war, Vietnam, the Iran conflict, and Afghanistan.
    By far the majority that I know that have seen combat don't mention anything about it we're just soon forget that it was ever a part of their lives don't want the medal and don't want acknowledgment they just want to forget that it exists.
    This holds just as true for the world war II veterans who came back to a thankful and grateful country parades and all that as well as it does to the veterans of other wars that have seen things that no humans should be forced to not to mention taking part of.
    It's no wonder that they shun the metal awards for whatever during a time of their lives they don't want to admit to themselves that they were the type of person who did what they did.
    My only wish was there was a better way for our government as well as the population to treat our veterans and respect what they gave to their country I've seen some really good people come back from war not so good people

  • @Indrid-Cold cos play orgy I guess suits well