• There's been some confusion, speculation, misinterpretation, and misunderstanding regarding this post. This Topic wasn't and ISN'T about the one who thinks it was, or is. This was about someone ELSE, entirely. I've chosen to leave out details, and names, for privacy's sake, so I can see how that could've lead one, or some, to jump to the wrong conclusions. Sincere apologies for any misunderstanding.

  • @Lync A sliver of an example of one of life's endless experiences. You'll learn of many, in time, I am sure. At least a lifetime's worth :peace:

  • @knownsense Well, there MAY just be something new developing. Too early to tell, but so far a better than not experience. ;)

  • @knownsense On a recent trip I happened to find myself talking with an older gent, and he posited me the following:

    Why are women so attractive? So us (men) will like them. And:
    Why are women so weird?? So they'll like us (men) back.

  • @Lazz how'd you make the decision to end it, btw? It's kind of obtuse of me to ask tho. I'm kind of in a somewhat similar predicament. 😅

  • @Max256 Don't be. I'm just another guy, trying to make his way through events of life, same as you.

  • @Lync This, too, was misinterpreted ;)

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    @Lazz Ah im glad your passing on ur messages and experiences...u never know u might have just changed someone's life for the better 😁
    It's important to know when to end things when u see those red flags...u throw ur white flag and run ; )

  • @Lazz Another Could have , should have, would have always come after past, in the end it's a knowledge you gain and a experience, now you are aware of it also have a choice in future to repeat it or not ?? Same same but different !
    so I have nothing to say much you are being sounding board in this post u replied you question for yourself .. have a stress less moment and happy time !!

  • @Lazz sweet ! It's in process I guess??, analysing the realisation will know gain knowledge profoundly soon or later until then experience !!

  • @knownsense Some things are better left unsaid. :thinking:

  • @Lazz aah life huh? Never gets any easier, we just get more resilient to it.

  • @Lazz honestly I am little confused now !! Ok so you are glad that she is not hurt, about your good bye to her !! So what is the point that you are feeling sad that's the way she made you feel the way you feel now ??
    What else is there now to hold on ??? then let go !!

  • @knownsense Ah, I see the lack of clarity, now. Women are confusing. :thinking:

  • @Lazz ok so what make you worry so much .. friend fine I guess even better .. I could say it's respect, towards them that you stayed with them, gave you all comfort and even loved you took care of now times is , are changes wasn't a match, so let go with peace and harmony, than hate and negativity I think !! Far future u never know so let be as it is ..
    So you move on it's ok all in her head make sure to her that it's not in your head what's on her head .. prove it not thinking much and just update her as a friend about your life also most important about you new girlfriend ..so see after that what it will be, as my experience it's s clear message you are just s friend and need to move on

  • @Lazz I am really glad that's it was help to you !!

  • @knownsense To be honest, the whole thing confuses me to no end. But I'm going to just leave it go. Women can be as confusing as they are intoxicating. Some, and some of the time. :wink:

  • @Lazz well you cant blame women for your own doing , that is you urself let go so far that's you asked yourself to make you feel this way for yourself, or asked to treat you this way now your are not able to accept it as it is I guess ??
    And as I know plus with research, it's s man's world and man did rules and regulations to his benifits , and it's in all mythological books or relegious text, women consider crazy unbelieable avatar, for example medusa Kali,I think man didn't knew how to understand women still we don't but blaming is not a solution !!, I do agree they are total confused mess , if you ask a women do you like flower they say no ,but fact is they love it most !! So yeah

  • @knownsense Ah, I see. I'm not laying blame, especially not on women, in general. Just my own opinion regarding this situation. Of course the confusion is my own.. :)

    The rest will eventually sort itself

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