• To love is to surrender yourself to infinite pain. Falling without hesitation. Not knowing if you will be caught. Tragedy awaits the loving heart. I watch the world dance itself away eroded by time. Clique is my want for love. To believe that a spark as seen by so many could be mine. I wish to grasp what could be.. what I wish for it to be.. with that please.. talk with me

  • what do you want to talk about ?

  • I'm just down. I named myself toradora doe a reason. The show itself was a reminder of how love should be. Innocent pure.. something to behold. Now life is spiraling downward. Love for ones self or even others is polluted by technology and the social norm. There is no falling in love but swiping allowing your horoscope or percentage of compatibility to tell you whether or not that person's right for you.. I mean.. for a hopeless romantic this world is just painful sometimes

  • @Toradora77 Well, you can go outside and meet people you will find love

  • I must admit I have tried.. as I'm sure it isnt hard to tell I'm socially awkward. Had to get online just to talk to someone lol.. which I appreciate very much btw

  • @Toradora77 internet is useful sometimes

  • Hi, I'd like someone to talk to too 😅. And I've also seen toradora. Loved that anime but yeah, only a few have what the characters had. Is communication so hard to do especially when you're already in a relationship? 😔 Hope you're well, friend. 🙂

  • I really like your title.Prejudice is indeed one of human sickness.

  • @Toradora77 Really?Me too.
    That’s why I prefer writing than live talking online.
    But I think social skills are learnable.