• think i'm gonna disappear again, get skinny and then come back and post nudes here for the fuck of it.

    but i'm just thinkin' about it πŸ’€

  • omg finally was able to put a picture in wow

  • @nymphette
    Thunking thoughts are the best kind of thoughts to be thunk. True scientific fact. I have no proof but it's scientific fact.

  • @nymphette i heard noods

  • @nymphette OML It's been SO LONG!!! So much has changed and it's GREAT to have you back, even for a bit.

    PMs are OPEN now, got lots more stories, for if and when. HMU girl!!

  • Ooh yes, gimme noods, I wanna see em cuts :))

  • @Escanor_ i do be makin art with a knife😼

  • @nymphette
    Is that a cutting joke..? Lol

  • @Ureshi tbh idk. half joke half truth?

  • @nymphette may I be blunt?

  • @Ureshi hell yeah, do it

  • Organic art I see πŸ’€

  • @nymphette
    I don't really approve, but I do understand. I deal with depression, and social anxiety and get why sometimes cutting is what helps certain people.. but please don't do it... Even though I like scars.. they tell stories. But I care about people, even those I don't know.. if ever you would like to talk I'm open.

  • @Ureshi very sweet of you and much appreciated, i will keep you in mind. thanks <3 😊

  • @nymphette you're very welcome

  • This post gave me aids.