• ...to tango, that is. What were you thinking I meant? :thinking:

    One, two, cha-cha-cha

  • @Lazz i was thinking it takes two to create an impenetrable bubble of happiness, always seems to be that number for me. Three is fun, five is wild but two is where the love is...

  • @Scottish I'm good at one, for now. With plenty of REAL options. Taking many trips, and more planned. Spending quality time with sweet people. And tangos, in the night :winking_face:

  • @Lazz I'm happy for you man. Got a really sweet scene with someone myself right now, setting up home with her actually, been kinda exciting doing even boring stuff, buying tvs, furniture, curtains etc together. A bit of real life is definitely a balm to the soul my man. It doesn't hurt that she's 18 years younger than me and a model amongst other things (rides a motorbike, does lots of cool things) And she chose me!!! Life is sweet

  • @Scottish That's good for you. You deserve that, matey... She's lucky!
    Now I know why you left me in the middle of the sea with those retarded pirates.... to buy curtains?! LOL

  • @kaia_ hey, they are nice curtains lol, no skull and crossbones though 😬 But it's cool to be so cosy and natural with someone, we have that "could have already been together for years" vibe, you know?, just easy and natural and down to earth. She told me she loved me the other day (i alreay knew, it's hard to miss) and I was floating on air with those giddy "in love" feelings, she lights up my day like new year's fireworks. We'll see, could be over in 6 months, could have a baby together...it's exciting to have the possibilities though,I'm a romantic , cynic, an optimist and a realist all at the same time but for now I'm stupidly happy

  • @Scottish Cripes man, when are you even going to find TIME to be a mod?? :thinking:

    Priorities, priorities

  • @Lazz it's cool man, I'm an insomniac 😂😂😂

  • @Scottish Pft. An 18 year old model would give any man reasons to...stay up late.

  • @Lazz she's not 18 lol, she's 28, just 18 years younger than me, I'm 46. But yeah, perfect insomnia cure lol 😁😂

  • @Scottish Geeze man, let a guy retain a LITTLE vicarious fantasy OK??? :smiling_face:

  • @Scottish what a beautiful grace... look at your twinkling eyes...ooh, I'm so happy for you

  • @Lazz ok, I'm good with that lolz. She LOOKS younger, could pass for 16, only reason i knew she must be 18 at least is she was working behind the bar, i had that Yes!, I'm not a pedo! moment when she told me her age 😂😂😂

  • @Scottish That...is...simply....FANTASTIC!!!!!! I'm happy for you two, too. If anyone is deserving it's you.

  • I'm new here and am wondering how the hell you get to a topic page. I'm basically chat-bombing

  • @kaia_ thankyou Kaia! Yeah, twinkling eyes, we've had the conversation and both are kinda keen on the idea, we'll see what happens but for now it's all systems go. Busy making plans and stuff, going to tenerife in January covid permitting to visit my friends, planning to take October off and have a dreamy
    little month of doing whatever the fuck we like, both working our asses off right now, we deserve some US time. And tomorrow night we're going out to party together in the nicest bar on the island, the place is full of our friends, she's going with her sister and I'm joining them after work.cannot wait, will be my twelfth 12 hour shift on the spin tomorrow, i need to cut loose and have a boogie with my lady and then a lazy Sunday together

  • @Scottish Take a good care of these God's gifts you've received

  • @Lazz yeah, a year alone was worth it Lazz, i had offers but I knocked them back, i can't be in a relationship unless I'm in love, never done it, just feels like filling time, I'd rather be free and alone if love ain't there, you know? Like what's the fucking point of going through the motions. All or nothing. I should get that tattoed on me, it sums me up well. And that small faces song has always been a favourite of mine since childhood

  • @kaia_ thankyou Kaia! I'm planning to. I'm already doing it. She doesn't understand why I'm so good to her!!! I told her it's my job to show her why she is so worthy of being treated well and my mission to build her self confidence. She wins beauty pageants and doesn't get that she is beautiful lol, crazy, the usual bad childhood, parents telling you that you are shit and worthless. It sticks. I'm planning on fixing her, think I'm already doing it, she seems as happy as i am, i notice the spring in her step, same one she gives me, floaty and content

  • @Scottish Didn't think I'd not catch that... did you? :grinning_face: