• The indian organization Persecution Relief (https://persecutionrelief.org/) has released their half-year report. In 2020 there were already 293 cases of hatecrimes against christians in india, including 5 rapes and 6 murders. The organization says that the cases are only a percentage of what is really happening to the christian minority in india. Apparently the Corona lockdown has resulted in a rise of 40 percent.

    In the past 7 years the aid organization "Open Doors" has moved india from place number 31 to place number 10 on its list of countries with persecution of christians.

    The perpetrators seem to not so much be muslims but radical hindu-nationalists. I know there are many indians on this site, so I'm hoping you guys can do your part to fight hatred. It is one thing to want to have one's own indian and hindu identity, and another thing to persecute those who think different than you, but do not harm you.

    And it is so unhinduistic to kill and hate the innocent, in as much as I have understood how my friend @Div1ne explained hinduism to me...

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    @pe7erpark3r Dunno bout unhinduistic but its wrong to the minorities so yea its good tht indians are doing this :)

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